Witches and Warriors, Book 1

An exciting battle between kingdoms, witches and dark forces

To live, sometimes one has to die first.

It is time of turmoil as kingdoms battle for land and control. In the midst of fighting, two rival orders of witches try to spread their philosophy of peace. One order, the Darkrose, believe that all major events are preordained, and that free will has little effect on the eventual outcome.

The Whiterose order believes free will can change the future, and one has an obligation to act against past sins.

Ululla, a witch of the Whiterose order, has a journey of her own with two very different companions. As she travels it becomes apparent that there are forces besides kingdoms and witches at work to gain control of the world.

Alric, weary of being a warrior, tries to find a way to leave the army. The punishment for desertion is death—but only if he is caught. His search for an escape leads him to an adventure of a different kind.

Jack Wear