JH Wear, Fiction writer

I'm not sure exactly when I decided to be a writer. I remember a few years ago I wanted to try to learn how to keyboard faster and decided to try to write a short story to teach myself to type. I'm not sure what happened to the short story and I will admit I'm still a two finger typist but I ended up writing stories. It turns out I like to write, not something I would have considered not so many years ago.

I live in sunny Alberta, Canada. Not always warm, okay it can get darn cold here, but lots of sunshine. I'm married to a spirited redhead and have been blessed with three sons; all of them great in a different way.

For a few decades I toiled as technician for Xerox before I finally said enough is enough and took early retirement. I then started my own wine agency and if there is more fun job I don't know what it would be (well, maybe girl watching). I love the wine I sell and have to resist drinking away my profits. Cheers!

When I'm not writing or selling or drinking: I love to read and usually have a few books on the shelf waiting for me. Science fiction, fantasy, mysteries and hard science are my usual choices. I also read what I can on dinosaurs; the kid in me still loves those fantastic creatures.

I like sports; football and hockey are my favourites. I also enjoy photography and love taking pictures. As far as music is concern I have a wide range of interests there, classical, rock, big band, blues, jazz, folk… I depend more on how well a piece is done versus its label. I have a great stereo system and love to listen to it.

That covers what I wanted to say except to say thanks for reading to the end of my blurb and I hope you too are happy doing what you do.