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Murder, he walked

Monday, May 27th, 2013


My wife is an avid dragon boater, spending many evenings going down to river to paddle. I sometimes accompany her, although not to paddle in the boat. Those days are behind me because of a bad neck and shoulders. However, I did write a book on dragon boating, a sort of mystery/fantasy/humorous novel, as a tribute to dragon boating called Dragons in the Water. My reason for going down is to take a walk along the river valley trails, and lately to ponder how to add more elements to a murder mystery I’m writing.

I find the air and walking along the river allows my mind to think objectively about the story, where the plot weakness lies and how to refine a character or two. People passing by give me odd looks as I mumble “I shall kill him with a knife” or “I shall discover who you are”. I assume they must have a guilty conscience, or they wouldn’t be worried about what I said.

The trails are fun to walk along, and are a mixture of asphalt and gravel and dirt. The trails marked “Closed. Danger due to erosion.” especially intriguing to explore and helps keep the mind alert. Also, there are less people to hear my mumblings about death.

The only problem with the river valley trails is that eventually I have to climb out of the valley to the agreed meeting place with my wife. That final set of stairs can be tough. As I’m the one usually waiting, I get to pick the spot. That turns out to be a bar, where I can replace those lost calories on my ten kilometer walk.

Anyway, here’s to murder, walking and a cold beer.