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even the Roadrunner went beep beep

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

My car goes beep. No, there isn’t anything wrong with it. It’s just that vehicles today are sensitive to anything out of what it considers normal. This includes doors ajar, the temperature dropping near freezing, low fuel, low tire pressure, seat belts unfastened, low washer fluid and maybe the stereo on too loud. To complicate matters the key and remote starter (Marvellous device for those in cold climates. You can start your car from the inside of your home and let it warm up first before you venture into the cold night.) also will beep. It beeps when you unlock or lock the door, start the car or leave the car running with key in your hand.
The car manufacturers may think these beeps add to safety, but honestly all these beeps make driving confusing. Yesterday I heard a constant beep while driving and after a thorough investigation the culprit turned out to be my wife’s mobile.
I don’t mean to make a big deal about this, but the whole world goes beep. Microwaves, mobile phones, laptops, watches, ATMs, retail cash registers and a dozen other devices. I hope that someone can come up with a more musical tone someday. If you can think of one, call me and leave me a message at the sound of the beep.
I was interviewed a few weeks ago and if you’re interested you can follow this link
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