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Patent Pending

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

I have taken notice of an interesting trend in companies patenting anything and everything they can think of. I believe it was Apple that first made me pay attention to this protectionist policy, but likely it was occurring long before. It is certainly making patent lawyers richer.

Some of the more interesting patents I’ve seen are Apple’s contention they invented the rectangle with round corners (apparently everyone else must now make mobile phones circular), a research company trying to patent human DNA, and someone applied a patent for using a swing (seriously- the swing is to go side to side instead of front to back).

Not to be undone, Tim Horton’s (Canada’s coffee giant) has a patent pending for a cardboard coffee cup sleeve (patent 2458487).  You say the coffee sleeve has been in use for years (see Apple’s rectangular design)? You are surely mistaken. This is a new and improved cardboard sleeve, although the difference in design escapes my scrutiny.

All of the above has inspired me to patent the obvious. I have applied a patent for rectangular shaped (sharp corners as not to infringe on Apple) pieces of paper layered together with each page containing printed information. A heavier stock of paper, with artwork, will protect the paper. I shall name this invention “The Book”.

Don’t laugh. I’m planning to patent the e-book next.