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Merlot with Science Fiction

Friday, January 4th, 2013

It looks like I have a new date to do a book signing. I initially had one on January 26- a Saturday- at Chapters in West Edmonton Mall.
However, unknown to me, evil forces were at work to disrupt my plans. I was also scheduled to do a wine tasting in Jasper on the same weekend. Wine in Winter is being held in Jasper on January 25. I have to say spending a weekend in the mountains, pouring and sampling wine is a bit more appealing than sitting at a table (dry) in a book store.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Chapters, and buy a lot of books there. In fact I was in there yesterday snooping around at some books. But pouring wine is actually my job, and writing is only something I want to do. Work usually triumphs wants.
Anyway, Kate, the lady responsible for scheduling book signings and host of other duties, was kind enough to give me an alternate date. February 9th is my new book signing date. Make sure you circle it your calendar and come by to say hello. We can talk about my books, writing or even about wine. By the way, I recommend a nice Merlot with science fiction.