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Describing characters

Thursday, February 27th, 2014




A few weekends ago I was sitting at a table in a lounge at the Hotel MacDonald, with a few other acquaintances. We had all spent a long evening at the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival, pouring drinks and being as pleasant as possible to our customers. It’s a fun event, but can be rather tiring standing on your feet and smiling.  

The conversation shifted around, and it came out I was also a writer. Questions were directed on how I would describe individuals and scenes. A pretty young lady asked me how I would depict a good looking man.

A good question. I haven’t clue sometimes what women consider a good looking man. Oh, to be sure I’ve heard them describe a sexy man. Apparently, if you add all the various female opinions together you will get a tall man who is clean shaven with a facial hair, dark hair that might have some grey, dark eyes that are blue, quiet with a deep voice, strong without being muscled bound, forceful and sensitive, and a gentleman who rides a Harley. He wears blue jeans and a white shirt and a suit. No problem putting that into one package.

“So how would you describe a good looking man?” She asked.

I hardly hesitated. “I would make him tall. That covers three-quarters of what women want.”

She nodded, although I was expecting an argument.

“How about a woman?”

I was talking to a group of ladies here. Was I really going to say a busty blonde with long legs? Curves that make you forget there was such a thing as straight lines? Black lace and tight leather? No, I played it safe.

“Long hair and soft eyes.”

The lady smiled. I passed the test, although I suspect she knew I was holding back information. It’s okay to describe men as physical objects, but don’t do that for women. Or at least to another woman.

A couple of drinks later I bid everyone goodnight. Another day of pouring Warsteiner beer lay ahead and I needed some energy to make it through tomorrow. Those ladies I had drinks with would look good no matter how tired they are. Me, not so much. I need to be awake to figure which tie goes with my shirt.