I received a letter in the mail from a very nice young lady last week, thanking me for my assistance in providing some sparkling wine for the restaurant where she works. There was something very unusual about about the letter, and no, not because anyone would thank me for anything. You see the the art of writing letters is disappearing. I admit I use spell check for a lot of my writing, trying to find a balance between American and Canadian spelling. However at least I try to use full sentences and not abbreviate every word as we see in emails and to a greater extent text messages. For example, take this legal wording in a document:

Within seven days of the appointment of the Arbitrator, the party initiating the arbitration (the “Claimant”) shall send the other party (the “Respondent”) a [claim notice] setting out the details of its claim, the grounds and contentions of law on which it is relying, and the relief that it claims.

The email equivalent would be; Within a wk of the Arbitrator, the Claimant lets the Respondent know what they want.

The text in a mobile would appear as; Hey, here’s the deal.  

Obviously the changes in technology has made short work of what we need to say. Of course that may also mean what we have to say isn’t that important and should be reduced to just a few symbols. Well, obviously that doesn’t include my own personal writing of books. Every word I write I’m sure is important and reverent. If you don’t believe me, buy and read any of my books. I recommend you buy several to be sure.

Back to the letter I received. It was impressive on several points. One, it was hand written. Two, it was neat and legible. Three, there wasn’t any spelling mistakes.  Believe me, spelling errors sneak in all the time. So this young (okay, also quite pretty) lady made quite an impression on me with the letter. Well written, without errors and legible. Quite an achievement. If I was to try the same thing I would probably use up a whole box of paper before I got it right.

By the way- well not really by the way because I planned to tell you this all along- a couple of my books are available at Save On Foods Bookstore in the Edmonton area.  Talnut and Dragons in the Water will make a great purchase when you’re picking up that carton of milk. 

Have a good day


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