New Zealand

I’ve been in New Zealand for the past few weeks and really enjoying my stay here with my wife Laurie. We traveled from Auckland to the south island and enjoyed the scenery and the weather. My visit here was to find wineries interested in exporting their wine to Alberta and I have found several quality candidates.

I have also had time to write and am currently working on a new short story. The words are flowing rather well and so is the wine. This is a romance story, though I’m not sure how I’ll end it yet. In any case the working title is The Princess of Time.

I also did a bit of reading and just finished a science fiction book called Seeker by Jack McDevitt. Good story telling and I like how to conserves words.

The vacation time ends here soon and I have to decide which wines I want to include in my portfolio back in Alberta. I also have to finish up the short story, edit and send it in.  All this while soaking up the sun and the wine. Cheers!

One Response to “New Zealand”

  1. We are getting ready to go to New Zealand in 2013, I really enjoy reading about it, I am trying to learn more about New Zealand and about the culture and lifestyle.