New Zealand

We finally arrived in New Zealand, despite’s Air Canada’s efforts to the contrary.  Incredible how rude some of their personnel can be- absolutely refusing to assist us in some cases.

The weather here is wonderful and it’s nice to go outside without a coat on. I will also be able to do some writing, in fact I’ve started on a new story. I have the title, a vague plot and the first page done. Bethany at Samhain suggested I write a romance story so I’ll give it a go.

I’m reading a book on how to be a better writer and will try apply some of what I’ve learned to the new story. The danger is that I might second guess everything I write and get nothing done. Still, if I want to improve my writing I best think a bit as I write.

I ended up going to a shopping mall with my wife and two of her girlfriends.  Fortunately there was a Borders bookstore and I picked up a good sci/fi book (Seeker by McDevitt) and read while they shopped. By the way the price marked was $8US, $11Can and $21NZ.  Makes you wonder about the difference- the NZ$ is .80 American/Can. – and how they justify it. I shall read the book slowly knowing each word is worth twice as much back home. 

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