New York

This is the first time I’ve been to New York and I have to say it really is a great city. I may have spent too much money here but it’s hard to be frugal on vacation. Besides, after watching my dear wife shop I needed to spend some quality time in a bar and the double scotch was expensive.

The people are friendly in New York and I want to thank the unknown strangers for directing us to the right subway trains. The weather was good as well, mostly sunny skies. We did have have some rain tonight and had to hurry to our hotel. Hurry at least until I looked back and saw my wife window shopping. Oh well, I was already wet and there were more drinks waiting at the hotel.

The highlight for me was going to the opening game of the Giants in their brand new stadium. Great game and we spent some money on hot dogs and over priced beer but we had a great time. The only fault I could find was that they didn’t have any cheerleaders. I missed seeing those pom-poms waving about.

More on New York another time. I want to do a small contest for some books. Your choice of any of my books (except for Night Moves that I was only one of four authors), either as a PDF or print. To enter tell me what my character is drinking in my free story “The Garden” that’s on my website  Send your answer to jhwear @ jhwear . com (ignore the spaces) with the subject Contest. I will randomly select 3 winners sometime in the middle of October.  

Good luck on the contest.

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  1. Sequoia says:

    What a neat airtcle. I had no inkling.