I was reminded the difference between men and women the other day when I was shopping with my wife. We were looking at greeting cards and looked in different parts of the store. I picked out two cards in 4 minutes and 27 seconds. I checked with Laurie who held five cards in one hand while looking at another. It turns out she found a suitable card but continued to look at cards in case there was a better one. How odd. I find a card I like annd that’s it. End of task. Go to checkout. But not her. I think that’s the problem, if I may say so, with women. They’re never satisfied with what they have, believing there is a better one available. It’s a wonder why she ever married me.

That greeting card incident reminds me to careful in my writing when writing about the actions of someone else. Everyone has different motivations and women do look at the world different then men. When writing about a woman considering course of action I try not to use logic as the next step. Of course men have faults too- darn if I know what they are though. Maybe Laurie will enlighten me.

I had an interview done by Coffee Time. If you want to read more about my devious life, follow the link.

Have a good week


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