Dragon Boat season

The snow has barely melted away, in fact some of the snow is still on the river bank, but people are already getting ready for the dragon boat season. I helped move the floating docks into position last Sunday, along with a dozen other volunteers. They were a bit cumbersome to move but we had enough bodies to make it easy enough. Getting the docks ready inspired a few paddlers to take a boat out on Monday. I wasn’t able to paddle myself, but did a walk around the river valley while a dragon boat was out on the water. There was still bits of ice floating in the river but that didn’t stop the paddlers claiming how great it was to back on the water. Personally I think I had more fun walking around and avoiding the dogs running about.

Those two days caused me to reflect on my latest book, Dragons in the Water, and remember my description of dragon boating. I still think it was pretty good, but I am bias. But I do have a review for it from Mike Haslam of Dragon Boat World International Magazine, quoted below.

Not the usual book about Dragon Boating this one but a fictional story, of love, intrigue and mystery, set in the wilder parts of Canada and centred around a Dragon Boat Crew competing in its first race of the season.“When Harry accepted an invitation to join a dragon boat racing team by the eccentric Sheldon, he was plunged into the world of paddling ,festivals and romance. But with Sheldon there is always a mystery and unknown forces involved as well”  – so says the introduction to the book and so it proves to be !  For committed Dragon Boaters the book’s main theme brings back memories of those first times in a boat and the commitment to the sport that it brings.  For the non-committed reader the relationship between the two main characters, Harry’s love life and the underlying mystery of Sheldon’s past and the mysteries to come, keep the reader’s interest going, until the whys and wherefores of the story’s paranormal conclusions are revealed !!  But that’s for you to find out !!

Dragons in the Water – Published by Midnight Showcase Fiction USA – ISSN 1555 – 5488 Vol.210-06SE

 It was nice of Mike to give the review, but if you read the magazine you will see how dedicated dragon boaters really are, which was something I wanted to emphasis in my story. I hope a few of you are inspired enough to take a look at dragon boating and perhaps attend one of the festivals.

Happy paddling



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