I survived another birthday. Not that is a serious accomplishment as I’ve made through a whole bunch already. However it this case the survival was being able to get up early the following morning and remembering the birthday itself. I have to thank my friends and family for not giving me joke or gag gifts. They were all thoughtful and useful. Even my brother was considerate (now that made me worry if he was okay). 

One thing I did different this year was not look back and try to see what I have accomplished, but rather look ahead and see what I can do. So what I will try to do is 1)sell more wine- I have to make a living and 2)write consistently- right now I have a tendency to write in rushes and then stop for too many days. Of course being good to my family is still number one priority. But since they were so nice to me on my birthday I figure I’m still in their good books.

I have a couple of new story ideas kicking in my head and I’m trying to figure out which one to start on first. I’m leaning towards a science fiction story that occurs on Mars. I have a few details to work out, largely due that humans are not yet able to live on the Red Planet. So that means I have to find a way people can live on Mars first and then add the story. It will be fun to write if some of the details can be ironed out.

I just received a review for my latest story Dragons in the Water. More details on that on the next blog. It’s midnight and time to retire the laptop tonight.

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