Back home

I made it back home to Edmonton after too many hours in an plane. I think the flight was around 18 hours, and I thought I’d do some writing during the flight. I had my laptop with me- lots of battery power – but I had difficulty writing. I just found the environment made it hard to come up with anything interesting to write. I ended up doing some editing; that didn’t require much imagination. It seems my brain needs more stimulation than looking at the back of airplane seat. On the other hand I find when I’m walking I manage to come up with several ideas for writing. It’s also more comfortable than sitting in a plane and drinking weak coffee.

I am pleased to say I’m nearing the end of Castle 3 and, more importantly, I’ve finished killing off characters. I’m still working on who stays with who and where, but at least they can all live another day.

Besides Castle I’m working on another story. I find if I get stalled on one story, I can always work on another. If I get stalled on the second story I will try reading=I have a few books kicking around. If the reading doesn’t inspire me The I haul out my bottle of scotch. No, the scotch doesn’t help me get inspired to write. But after a few glasses I don’t worry about writing anymore.

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