Going Faster Than Light


I’m working on a new novel, a science fiction story about the discovery of faster than light travel. I understand that there have been a few methods described to circumvent the spend of light travel in other novels. These include the famous warp drive in Star Trek, using worm holes to jump across space and the ever popular hyperspace to move across the universe. However, I decided to try a new approach to break the light speed barrier.

The basic problem, as everyone knows, is that no physical objects can exceed the speed of light, ~ 3 x 108 metres/second.

Abstract background, Beautiful rays of light.

But what if it wasn’t as simple as that? An object falling from an airplane of Earth doesn’t just accelerate until it hits the ground. Rather it reaches a limiting velocity due to air pressure. Good thing, otherwise a simple rainfall could have deadly consequences.

Perhaps the restriction 3 x 108 metres/second comes not from light, but rather something in the universe that prevents even light from exceeding that ultimate speed. That would imply that there is something in the empty space that restricts light and all objects from going too fast. Maybe the fabric of space has some meaning here. Now, how does hekosmicheskie-fotografii-Navid-Baraty_2lp us?

In my novel, which has a working title A Hole In The Universe, a field is developed that suppresses whatever is in the universe that prevents higher than speed of light travel. A bubble is created that isolates the spaceship from the rest of the universe, and can go as fast as its engines can drive it.

This is part of the background of the story I’m writing. There are other implications when establishing a field that isolates a spaceship from our universe, but that’s topic for another day.

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