Story flow

One problem all writers have is making sure a story flows properly. As an author sometimes we want to change the pace of a story so that it fits in with a change in the action. However, and I speak as a reader myself of a lot of books, sometimes the flow or pace is sudden and we are caught unaware. We trust ourselves as writers and our editors to catch those mistakes, but it is something that can happen to the best of us.

For myself, I rarely try not to force myself to write when I’m tired. That leads to errors and dull writing. I like to write when I can do a large section at a time and I find it’s much easier keeping the story flow continuous.

I have a new story coming out at the end of the month. “Dragons in the Water” is scheduled for release in the third week of February by Midnight Showcase. It is a humorous look at dragon boat races through the eyes of Harry Webster, a reporter for a local paper. He discovers an old friend of his, Sheldon, has joined a dragon boat racing team. And as Harry knows, wherever Sheldon is, there is trouble and a mystery.



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