Murder Mystery

Grim-reaper-shadowMurder is fun. Obviously I don’t mean that literally. But I did enjoy writing my first murder mystery. I entered a realm I had previously only been a spectator; a reader and watcher of TV shows.

It was at first difficult to write. Most of the novels I write I give full disclosure of the characters as much as possible. In a murder mystery some information is held back until the clever detective discovers the clues. So I had to adjust my writing to bring out the information at the right time. As with most murder mysteries the detective has to have unique qualities.

I decided to make my lead detective, Moss Stone, a believer in letting the universe lead him to clues. His partner is more down to earth, but has a past with him. That leads to interesting exchanges as she hasn’t quite gotten over him.

The murder mystery also occurs at a convention centre, and thus I have a lot of potential suspects and interesting characters to choose from.

So I set the ground work for my first murder mystery. It’s due to be published by Melange Books sometime next fall. By that time I hope to have another murder mystery written with the same detectives. I have the plot roughly figured out, such as the location and the people involved. Now comes the hard part, actually writing it.


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