44000 stories, The WarBrides

A few weeks ago I travelled down to Calgary with my wife and my mother. Our destination was the Glenbow Museum and the reason for going there was the exhibit of the Warbrides. The warbrides were ladies that met and later married soldiers during the second world war.  These ladies gave up their homeland to move to Canada and elsewhere. The exhibit was put together by Bev Tosh, and she did an extremely good job of explaining what the warbrides went through. Of particular interest for myself was the portrait done of my mother in her wedding dress painted on a wood board, done by Bev. In all she has painted about a hundred portraits, catching the personality of different warbrides.

As I looked through the exhibit I realized that each of these brave women had a story to tell. There were hardships of leaving friends and family to travel to a new country, not knowing what they would find there. In all about 44,000 ladies made the difficult decision to go, and each has a story to tell.

My mother also donated her wedding dress to Bev’s collection and it was a special moment to see it on display in the museum. It was a truly a moment to step back in time and get a glimpse of what was then. I doubt one can truly appreciate what was going through their minds at that time, but it is worth to try. If you have opportunity to see this fine exhibit, please take the time to do so.

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