The Great Walker Wall

I noticed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has suggested building a wall between The United States and Canada. I have to admit it caught me by surprise, as I had no idea he believed Americans should not be allowed to escape to Canada.

Walker's Wall?
Walker’s Wall?

Besides that, costs of building a wall and then maintaining it would certainly put a crimp on the monthly budget. I thought replacing windows was expensive, but a 8,891 kilometre wall would certainly top that.

Because I like math and was curious on the cost, I discovered the US Corps of Engineers had calculated the average cost per mile of a wall if it was built along the Mexican border. That turned out to be $2.8 million per mile, or $1.75 million per kilometre. So 8,891 x $1.75 = 15,559.25 million or more than $15 Billion.

But it doesn’t end there. A wall without guards is useless. Some ambitious person could use a long ladder to get over the top. So let’s position a guard every 100 metres. We would need to have 3 persons per twenty-four hours. So that means we would need 266,730 soldiers. Plus support personnel. That’s a small city, and by coincidence about the same as the population as Madison, the capital. So maybe that was Walker’s plan all along, to provide employment for every man, woman and child in Madison. We’re on to him now!

All in all I’m now rather embarrassed by my own simple fence I have around my yard. Cheap to make and there aren’t any guards to protect the property. As a matter of fact my neighbours feel free to come over anytime for a drink. I guess it depends on one’s philosophy. Do I spend the money on a bigger fence or should I put that toward beer for when friends come over? I have a feeling Mr. Walker doesn’t spend much on beer.

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