Back to writing

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and New Year’s. Our household was busy, and a bit tiring. In December we started some renovations downstairs to convert an unused room to a bedroom for some guests. Laurie and I worked late at night to complete the room in time. Our son in Vnacouver brought his girlfriend and her mother (she was visiting from New Zealand) to stay with us for a few days. Another son from Calgary brought his wife and two year old to stay with us. It was busy and fun. Lots of people, lots of food, and not enough hours to do everything.

My writing took a beating. In fact it came to a virtual standstill, as it was impossible to find the energy and enough quiet to concentrate. That doesn’t mean progress wasn’t made as far as writing stories is concerned. One area was my editors who were working on material I have submitted. I am happy to announce that Dragons in the Water will be released in March. I will give you more details on the story in another blog. I also was able to spend some time thinking about stories I am working on. Castle, part 3, The New King was stalled during the Christmas rush but in my mind I worked out some of plot problems and now have a clear vision where to take the story.

I have a few more stories that formed in my mind that I will work into a plot at a later date. So while the keyboard was idle it doesn’t mean nothing was being accomplished.

More blogs to follow soon!

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