Edmonton Journal Whack-A-Mole ads

It was with a bit of reluctance I decided to subscribe to the Edmonton Journal digital edition. True I could get the same news by just Goggling news, and if I wanted to read gossip, I could venture into what Yahoo! calls news.

I stopped buying the paper some years ago because of all the additional flyers the paper stuck inside. More ads than news. Trees are now much safer since I cancelled the paper.

It turns out the Edmonton Journal hasn’t changed their way of presenting the news. The electronic edition makes reading the news an adventure. No matter where you move your mouse an ad pops up. Sometimes a video. You close one ad and other suddenly reappears. It is like a game of whack-a-mole.

The Journal has sections, such as business, sports and entertainment. Every time one goes to a new section, one loses all the whack-a-mole points and the same ads reappear. I took a screen copy of the paper a few days ago. Can you find the news article? Its tough- I think it covers only about 10 % of the screen. Of course I read the Journal only on large computer monitor. To try and read it on a tablet or a phone would be an exercise in futility.

So my plea to the Edmonton Journal, please remember why I’m purchasing your paper. It is to read the news, not to be blasted by ads for stores that I will not shop at. Otherwise I be forced to use Yahoo! as a source of news. Please, I beg you- don’t make me go there.

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