Un-Favourite Commercials

I enjoy playoff time in sports. Teams prepare for and play each game with intensity. The past few weeks I have been watching NFL football, and though my favourite teams didn’t make the playoffs (next year!), I still take in as many games as possible.

This also means I get to watch a lot of commercials. I understand the commercials pay for the broadcast, but do the advertisers have to show the same ads over and over again? I have divided the commercials into three categories; tolerable, awful and why are they punishing the viewers this way? The last category wins my Unfavourite Commercial Award. 

This season’s run-away winner is a truck ad. It starts with rather creepy music, a sort of a vibrating sound. A picture of some guy standing by a truck on a stage. Then we hear a deep, monologue voice informing us of … Well, I don’t know what he is saying because I’ve hit the mute button.

I hope Ford makes better trucks than commercials.

Do you have an Unfavourite commercial? The kind that you’re tempted to switch channels just to get away from? Maybe we should take a poll for the worse of the worse ads.

My writing has slowed down the past few weeks. It seems all the food and drink I’ve had around Christmas time has an adverse effect on my time and energy to write. However, after February 1st (Super Bowl), I should have more time to write. At least I won’t have to put with Unfavourite commercials.

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