Castle Return to Domum release

It’s been too long since my last blog. I hate making excuses but there have been too many priorities. Home renovations have used a fair bit of my time. The room in question was started two years ago and we were unable to complete it until now (long story). My company, Kiwi Imports, has been busy as well. We specialize in New Zealand wine and it has been popular lately. On the writing side of things I did have the release of the second novel of the Castle series. Castle- Return to Domum was released a couple of weeks ago.

Castle-The Fall to Domum, was given a good review by Coffee Time Romance. The link is  I hope to get a few reviews for Castle 2 as well.

Back to Castle-Return to Domum. I really enjoyed writing this story as I was able to improvise as I wrote about a new world. I had a chance to mold it a little different that the original Domum world.

I am working on the third book of the series and I hope I can bring in all the extra characters we met in the first book and let everyone know how they made out. 

For the American readers, happy Thanksgiving.

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    AFAIC that’s the best asnwre so far!