Free Halloween story

As the title says, I’m giving out a free Halloween story, but only for the next week. I don’t think there is much of a point having a Halloween story after October 31st, but here it is for the next week. Just go to my website and click a couple of buttons and presto! you’ll have Fallen Angel. Just a warning- it is an adult story. 

This past week Castle2, The Return to Domum was released. I love the front cover, something I had absolutely to influence on but will try to take some credit for anyway. A big thanks to Bratt for her work.

I neglected my writing this weekend. There are renovations to do in the basement and it is a bit of a struggle. The spiders now have to find a new home as new walls are put up and the whole area gets transformed.  I also got stuck in my office, doing mounds of paperwork related to my wine business. Maybe tomorrow, or Tuesday, or Wednesday I’ll get back to writing.

Have a good week and try to avoid renovations- they take up too much time.

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