Castle, The return to Domum has been released! I’m pretty excited about it as I believe it’s a great story. I think the cover is fantastic as well. Of course, since I wrote the story, my opions may be slightly biased.

The story is hard to describe in a few words, but takes place on two worlds. On Domum we have a few characters, namely Gilbert and Marisa. Marisa is a new character and she is a sex slave to Lord Troy. They have been empowered to travel to Earth to seek help to reverse a magic spell placed on their world. On Earth we have the warlock Madoc exciled from Domum and his new companion Angela. Madoc, with his knowledge of magic, is making a living as a magician. He is bored and wants to return to Domum, and isn’t expecting to a woman to suddenly turn his world world up-side-down.

We have a few other characters of course and you will know most of them from the first novel. But the relationships have progressed and life is just a little more complicated for some of them.     

Anyway I hope you have a chance to read the book and the series. I think you enjoy meeting the people hiding iside the covers.

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