San Fransisco

I just returned from a small trip to California. Great place to visit and nice weather. My wife and I spent most of the time in San Fransisco and Napa Valley. I didn’t get much of a chance to use my laptop, whether it was checking emails or writing. I just didn’t want to waste valuable tourist time┬áhiding in the hotel room writing when there were so many bars to visit. Historical bars, that is. Very valuable research for a possible future novel.

I did get to do a lot of walking around San Fransisco, and as a writer it gives me chance to see things in a new perspective. Buildings and streets are much different than home. The layout of the city is interesting with the hills and bay forcing the roads to curve. I absorbed as much as I could and someday some of what I saw could be incorporated into a story.

San Fransisco is a great city to visit, and Napa Valley is fantastic with all the wineries. However, it is now back to reality and work. I do have some writing to catch up on.


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