Writing on the Road

Writing can be a challenge at times to find the opportunity to put words down. At home there are a lot of distractions but generally speaking I can find an hour here and there to put together a story. I’m also a traveling salesman. I sell wine, beer and spirits to liquor stores and restaurants. My territory covers several cities and occasionally I to make a road trip.

I don’t mind the travel. I crank up the stereo and roll down the highway. It’s also a fairly sociable industry; I mean it’s rather easy to have a conversation over a sample of wine or liquor. I’m not saying it isn’t work. One has to be prepared to describe the advantages over a product currently on the shelf or menu. At the end of the day I’m quite happy to grab a bite to eat and relax in the hotel room. Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to find a worthwhile program on TV.

A bonus is I have some quiet time to write, and after meeting a few customers I have some new characters to incorporate in future stories. I don’t take the whole character and drop him or her into a story, but rather take a few features and make up a new personality. Let’s say a more pleasant Frankenstein’s monster. As for names, I sometimes look at the pile of business cards I have, grab a first name from one and find a last name from another. There; a new character with a new name. I wish the story was as easy to write.  

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