Magic words

I have had my share of writing paranormal stories and ones that include the use of magic. I often run into the problem of trying to make the magic scientifically feasible, or at least sound that it could happen. Not all writers worry about such details of course. They write about events I have trouble believing could happen.

For example, the old werewolf movies where there is a full moon in the sky- four nights in a row. or the vampire that changes into a bat. What happens to the conservation of energy and mass? Where does 170 pounds of mass diappear to? I don’t lay wake late at night worrying about such things, but those details bothers me.

Thus when I wrote a story of a woman who changes into a cat, I made it a panther because it has the same weight as an adult woman. In my Castle series when magic is used, there are some consequences. One of the minor ones that characters in the story notice is a small change in air temperature. When a spell is used, it requires energy, and that energy used is extracted from the surrounding air resulting in cooling of the air. 

I have some other quirky rules I follow when using magic, but that’s my problem and I won’t bore the readers with too much details. But thanks to quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle I can make magic work, at least in my own mind.

My book Castle-The Fall to Domum was released last week and the sequel, Castle-The return to Domum, will be released next week. There is a contest on my website. Just read the excerpt and tell me the name of Jon’s first name (Jon is his second name that he uses instead). 

I hope there is magic in your life. Cheers

Jack Wear

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