A Road Withiut End

My wife and I drove down to Penticton, BC, for a wedding. The weather was fantastic and the wedding a lot of fun. I managed to visit a few wineries and, of course, brought back a few bottles to enjoy later.

I was able to do a bit of writing. I’m nearing the end of a novel, which is going to be the first of a trilogy. More on that later, because I want to ask who is the twit who designs the BC highway system? I don’t like to rant, but it’s deplorable the highway we had to use to return to Alberta.

Who thought that having a highway go through the city of Kelowna with a dozen traffic lights was a good idea? Traffic jammed from one set of lights to another– hasn’t anyone there heard of a bypass or a freeway? I felt I was back in the sixties. Once you leave Kelowna you’re placed in a two lane highway that twists around mountains with few chances to pass. You follow fifty other vehicles behind trucks and campers that have trouble with the grade. Some desperate drivers pass on solid lines. The laughable signs tell you to slow down to when you reach a curve as you travel at half that speed. It is a road without an end.

Friends, it is a tiring, long and an unsafe journey going to and from BC. Now you may say it is difficult to make a four lane or add passing lanes in the mountains. Well, Alberta, with a smaller population, does it. Once you leave BC and enter Alberta, you just cruise along the four lanes through the mountains. Welcome to the twenty-first century.

Back to the writing, where I do have a bit of a dilemma. This is the first book, so I can’t finish everything  obviously. But how much closure do I need? I don’t like book series where the hero is left with his life hanging by a thread in the first volume, but at the same time I understand the author wanting to leave enough of a mystery so the reader will want to buy the next book. So I shall try to make book one as much as a standalone as possible while leaving enough mystery so the reader can choose to find out more if they desire.

I can assure you the first book will be a good read, something a passenger can read during the road without an end.


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