Witch names

Writing a story line involves working with several parameters. One is obviously the plot, its pace, enough detail to present a picture without dragging out the words and finally the characters.

The characters have to fit in a mold that works within the story. A fat, grumpy man will not normally be a trapeze artist. They should also have a name that helps identify the character. Sometimes that has more a feel to it than a logical reasoning, but it is critical it doesn’t take away from the story. If the reader doesn’t believe the name suits a character, he, or she, may lose interest in the character.

I’m currently writing a medieval story that has within it a group of witches. Not the broom flying kind, but closer to Wicca (although quite a bit different than that). So I had to come with names that the witches would use, and names for the non-witches. Some characters had their name changed several times until I felt comfortable with it. So here are some of the witches names I did use; Ululla (Female), Yeelin (F), Bruhamoff (M), Elwendia (F), Ardziv (M). My non-witch characters included; King Briebeth (M), Alric (M), Thea (F), Tybalt (M), Agnes(F). I also have an important character called Terrowin, however he is actually a spirit. There are several characters that existed only for a chapter or two, so I have to continually come up with new names. This is book one out of three or four, so it may get interesting on what names I can find for the last book. I think James Bond will sound out of place for a knight in the King’s court.

I had a similar situation when I wrote my Castle series, although it had more of a science fiction element to it. I had a mix of characters from present time with some medieval ones. (I’ve attached the cover of the second book here for self serving promotion. Please forgive me.)
Anyway, if you can think of some nice medieval names, pass them on to me and I may be able to use it.
Jack H. Wear

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