A Blast of Summer

The Blast of Summer

I live in Edmonton, a city fairly far north. Actually I think we’re the same latitude as Moscow, so we have a similar climate. Cold winters without the benefit of cheap vodka. So after a long winter, we look forward to spring. This year the weatherman forgot to put spring in his daytimer, because one weekend we had snow flurries with the temperature around 5c (41f) and the following weekend the temperature jumped to 30c (86f).

So we went from shoveling snow to dragging rakes across along lawn, trying to tear out the snow mold and dead grass. The sound of lawnmowers and other equipment filled the neighbourhood. BBQs come back to life and pale legged women walked down the streets in shorts.

My wife and I hauled out the patio furniture, did the yard cleanup and did some planting (she did the planting; I can’t the difference between a dandelion and tulip until it blooms). I changed the oil in the lawnmower, repaired a rain barrel- water left in it over winter burst the base- washed the siding and got the water fountains working again. There’s more, but the gist of it when our short summer arrives, we hustle to get everything out and ready.

Honestly, if you went around our neighbourhood, I doubt you could tell a couple of weeks ago we were still wearing winter coats with snow covering the ground.

I’m actually typing on my laptop right now outside on the patio, something I haven’t done since October. I took time out from the murder mystery I’m writing to do this blog, but will dive into it again soon.

Summer is time for reading. I’m reading two books. One is Day Into Night by Dave Hugelschaffer, a mystery/detective novel. It’s a little long winded, but a good read. The other is Physics on the Fringe by Margaret Wertheim, a fascinating account of alternate theories of physics. Both are good books and I can recommend them, although I’d prefer if you were to take a look at my Castle trilogy, a science fiction adventure to alternate world.

Enjoy your summer. Good books a must. Wine optional.

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