The Beer Fairy

My son seems to take for granted the different fairies that inhabit our home. Admittedly, he does seem to appreciate the beer fairy that refills the beer fridge after he and his friends empty it. However he never makes mention of the dishwasher fairy that silently moves his dirty dishes from the sink into the dishwasher and later into the cupboard. The garbage fairy and shoveling of snow fairy rarely get a mention either. He is a bit perplexed by the Nintendo fairy, which put his games in the wrong place, and the controls hidden under the couch. Stuff like that occasionally happens with the best of fairies.

I don’t know if you have any favourite fairy folk that inhabit your home, but it’s wise to be kind to them. They can bring gifts, or hide what you do have. I don’t worry too much about the fairy folk, other than the editor fairy that magically fixes my grammar and spelling errors in my books.

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