Halloween parties

Halloween is a great time to express one’s inner self. Of course, sometimes it isn’t practical to wear a costume other than the one that’s been stored for the past year in the basement. My costume was dug out of the garage and worked well enough. It wasn’t really original, Indiana Jones, but gave me excuse to walk around with a gun and a whip. Plus the cool hat.

The party I went to was at the Old Timer’s Cabin, a fairly large venue with a lot of photographs from the 1900’s. Wood floors and logs used for the walls gave the place some character. When the decorations were put up and the fog machine running, I would not have been surprised to see a few ghosts.

I admired some of the costumes that were put together. There was Dogbert, from the comic strip Dilbert, a few superhero’s- or superheroines, monsters of various descriptions and assorted other personalities. As usual there were few men dressed up as women- fairly ugly women- and I was concerned how well these guys were able to walk in high heels. Maybe they did a bit too much practicing during the weeks previous to Halloween.

One of the short stories I wrote a few years back told of a Halloween party where one of the costumed characters was perhaps not really in disguise. I suppose that theme may have been done before. We could have a story where an alien, perhaps one of Grays, decides to join a Halloween party. Maybe the alien gets a little too drunk and starts shooting people with his laser gun.

Anyway, if you want to read my Halloween story, Fallen Angel, here is the link:


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