Writing on a road trip

Sometimes I enjoy going on road trips. Generally speaking the destination isn’t always great. Jasper is pretty nice with the mountains and the town itself, but I’ve done to trips to Lloydminster, Grande Prairie and Red Deer. They’re not bad as far as cities go, but not really a tourist hotspot. However, going on the road to these places does have an advantage for me as a writer.

In theory, staying a hotel by yourself gives you solitude, quiet, and in the case of some of these cities, nothing else to do but write. True, there is TV. But most of the good channels are beyond what the hotel establishment deems necessary for the guests. So there, with my trusty laptop, I attempt to write the next great Canadian novel. I trust I can do this, as being a wine agent, I have a good supply of wine that helps me believe I can do anything.

So it was with hope I headed to Red Deer, assuming I would be able to spend time writing. The first night didn’t go so well. I drove most of the day, stopping at Ponoka, Lacombe and Blackfalds (yeah, those are real names of towns) before reaching Red Deer. I talked to customers at a dozen liquor stores and restaurants, before finally reaching the hotel. I unpacked and headed back out to have dinner. By the time I returned it was late. A glass of wine later, and it was all I could do was to figure out how to use the TV remote control.

The second day wasn’t any better. Calls during the day, an appointment at a restaurant in the evening in the town of Sylvan Lake – see the attach photo, the highlight of my trip- left me too tired to write after my return to the hotel. I did do some writing, but I hardly call a business report great reading. Well, maybe my boss will like it.

So my writing didn’t go so well. I did sell some wine, and had a few glasses myself, but the great Canadian novel will have to wait a bit longer. On a more positive note, I did actually find a football game on TV, a lot better than the usual reruns. Now that I’m home, I shall try to find time to put together a few paragraphs each day that will eventually become a story.

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