Advantages of winter

It’s not often when cold weather is a good thing, but it does help when your refrigerator breaks down. We had an odd problem of our freezer being cold but the fridge part only just below room temperature. I had to take the food out to work on the problem, and that’s where the outside cold storage came in handy. Anyway I looked on the Internet and the Fixya web site gave me enough information to fix the problem (it was the defrost thermostat for those who are curious). The fridge is working again, minus a few items that perished before I could move them outside.

A Spanish/English online magazine has publish a short story I wrote called The Garden. The story covers alien invasion, global warming and a cold drink on a summer day. You can read it in this month’s issue of Yareah ( It’s actually an interesting publication containing prose, poetry, art and music. I wish I could read Spanish so I could read everything in it.



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