It Must be Spring

It must be spring. We have our patio furniture out, and people in the neighbourhood are getting their lawns power raked, aerated and fertilized, just so they can mow it every week during summer. The other sign of spring is we had a few people drop by on the weekend. I didn’t even have to call them. Something more like a natural instinct built in, like ducks returning on a

Gary and Doug were the first fly in, but not the last. My neighbours jumped over the fence later, but we also received a visit
from Dave and Alex. Everyone headed to the backyard, where it’s harder for the police to spot suspicious activities.

The events became a bit hazy, but apparently there was a game of tossing a wine cork into a bowl of tequila. Regardless, besides
drinking, there was fun and laughter, and the official beginning of living outside weather.

In the morning there were few empties around the table. Dave left his truck behind, a wise move, and one of my neighbour left her wine glass. Not so smart, Astra. I’ll add it to my collection mismatch set of stemware.

I hope you weren’t expecting an inspirational blog on writing this time. Some weekends are just not meant for prose. I promise a
better blog next time.

2 Responses to “It Must be Spring”

  1. Akemi says:

    it’s kinda interesting.

  2. Can certainly a person explain what the author meant in his final paragraph? He makes an amazing start but lost me halfway from the post. I had a tough time following what the author is endeavoring to say. Very first was fantastic but I really feel he wants to work with writing a much better conclude.
    Sorry you felt lost.