Book signing

My first novel “Talnut” was released on November 25th. It was an exciting time for me and I feel I can finally officially call myself a writer.  I also did my first book signing at a Chapters bookstore.  As I was standing by the table I reflected back a few years ago when I first started writing Talnut, during a vacation in New Zealand.  The story is a lot different than the one I ended up with- even the characters were changed. But when I started to write the story I guess I didn’t expect it would end with myself doing a book signing. 

I was fortunate that a lot of my friends and family came by to say hello as well during the book signing. It was nice to have their support and share my success. For those writers still working towards their first publication I wish them luck and not to give up. They will also appreciate what I said about the support of friends and family on their journey to be a published author.

Good luck to everyone on their Christmas shopping. I think I’m done with my shopping unless I suddenly remember someone else on my list.    

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