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Need it Now

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

The Need It Now mentally is something we encounter, whether from ourselves or someone else insisting that yesterday was too late.

As a writer I have certainly appreciate deadlines. Sometimes the publisher has “requested” that I proof read and send back the final copy as soon as convenient. That is code for you don’t need to do anything else but proof read. Sleep is overrated.

An example of wanting something done quick but it might cost you was a sign I saw at a print shop that stated “We can do Cheap, Fast, and Quality. Please pick two out of the three”.

Food is no exception to fast, obviously with the abundance of lunch time restaurants; all with shiny, bright coloured plastic furniture. Grocery stores sell lots of frozen food that can cooked in minutes and even pre-cooked meals. During one shopping trip my wife was looking for pudding mix. I found it and passed it over to her, which initiated the following conversation:

Her, “Is it instant pudding?”

Me, “It is for me. I just give the box to you and it’s done.”

A woman passing by mentioned that she would’ve kicked her husband if he said that. Her husband laughed, having a better sense of humour than she did. (I really was just joking.)

In our rush to have things immediately, maybe we have to take time to realize, like the printing shop sign, we can’t expect to have it all.