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Women and Colours

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

One of the problems for writers is to put the correct action and feelings for another person, particularly for one of a different background, culture and definitely gender.

I surmise some information from my own observations. For example I’ve noted women love the colour pink. I know this because I have seen them wear a shirt printed with the words “Love Pink”, although it seems contradictory that the words sometimes are green on a black shirt. Maybe they don’t know what the colour pink actually is. I pretty sure my wife does. The rainbow has seven colours. She knows seven million and I depend on her to match my tie with my shirt.

Among the various colours I’m really baffled with is the number of shades of white. Isn’t white just one colour (or in terms of physics, the reflection of all colours)? Apparently Sir Isaac Newton was naive when he thought splitting sunlight through a prism into a rainbow was a profound discovery. It was just the tip of a very colourful iceberg.

I have learned that a perfectly good colour can become out of fashion. I’m not sure how this happens. Do certain shades of colour get removed from the rainbow? Is there actually a rule against some colours over staying their fashion welcome?

What happens if forest green becomes unfashionable? Will my wife demand we change the tree in our yard because the leaves are last year’s shade? What if the lawn no longer meets this year’s colour trend? If yellow is the new colour, no problem; I’ll just stop watering it.

I’m waiting for the day when black becomes unfashionable. It’ll be interesting to see if New Zealand’s All Blacks Rugby Team would be forced to change their name to something like the All Blues. Until then I’ll leave you with a short poem;

Roses are red

Violets are blue

So sorry neither

colour works for you.