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I’m going to kill someone

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

To kill or not to kill? I’ve given it some thought, and the answer is yes. How to do the deed is still a bit of a question. One can try to make it look like an accident, but the more complicated the murder, the better the chance the crime points to perpetrator.

So I’ve look at other simpler methods, such as poison. Since I don’t know a lot about chemistry, I did try to do some research on that. My pharmacist wasn’t very forthcoming with information, and frankly, was a bit suspicious why I was asking which drugs were effective for inducing a heart attack. Maybe I should have told her I was researching the information for a murder mystery.

Anyway, my character is probably going to have to kill the old fashioned way, either a gun or a knife. I’m still sketching out the plot, and haven’t restricted the number of murders yet, so there may be an opportunity to kill more than one way. More fun.

The other thing is deciding who the victim(s) may be. There’re a few people who’ve annoyed me, and I just might write their character into the story. I guess I could make up a new character, but I think it’s more fun to knock off someone who’s done you wrong. Or I could take bribes to murder someone you don’t like. Send me some money and information on the person you don’t like, and I’ll have them done in, all safely done within the story. Remember, sending me the money is the most important part.

I’ve read quite a few mysteries, and have a general idea how to write one. For example, don’t reveal who the killer is in the story blurb. Another, is to develop a detective that has some peculiar characteristics, such as Columbo with his crumbled raincoat. The detective has to be likable and annoying at the same time. A bit like a pretty girl with a squeaky voice.

Alright, it’s time to get busy and write the story. Any suggestions on a suitable poisons will be appreciated.

Jack Wear- mystery writer