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Banff Wine Festival

Friday, May 20th, 2011

I always enjoy the drive up to Banff as the Rocky Mountains suddenly enclose around you. Along the mountain sides green trees give way to barren rock and eventually snow. If you’re lucky you will see some wildlife, usually deer, along the side of the highway.

Of course the reason I’m going to Banff is to do the Rocky Mountain Wine Show, held in the Banff Springs Hotel.

The hotel is old, in fact even older than me, and more or less completed in 1928. It sounds like my wife may have been in charge of the hotel because after that there were extensive renovations done. The hotel has a lot of interesting features, such as ghosts, expensive coffee and shops that makes your credit card quiver in fear.

The wine show is fun, my favourite of all the wine fairs. The event room has thick carpeting, beautiful wall decor and high ceilings that have several chandeliers, each with more glitter than Elton John’s glasses. Our table is next to another wine booth, this one featuring wine from Chile. On our other side has a booth tasting rum. So far we have had a good trade going between their products and our New Zealand wines. Nearby is a food booth selling chocolate, which goes well with our wonderful red wine and a delicious sparkling muscat we have. (Soljans Hawk’s Bay Merlot/Cab/Malbec and Fusion Sparkling Muscat. Now if this sounds like I’m trying to promote the wine it is because, frankly, I am).

Since this is a rather expensive hotel (and at $600.00 per night one would think they would offer free Internet service but they don’t), the guests sampling the wine are usually well dressed. For example the t-shirts worn are very trendy, name brand shirts costing more than my suit. Many ladies wear dresses with a tall price tag but short on length. Believe me I have a tough job. I have to concentrate on talking about the wine I’m pouring while ignoring the passing the scenery. Sometimes my eyes start to hurt as I try to look in two different directions at the same time.

Anyway, it is time for me to get ready for the next session of sampling wine.
I hope your weekend was as much fun as mine.