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Snow on top, water below

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Our city has been hit with abnormal amount of snow, so much white stuff that it’s hard to find a place to shovel it. I have taken to tossing it on to my neighbour’s driveway as a last resort. Since they drive a white car I’m hoping the snow will blend in with it and they won’t notice. The heavy snowfall was one problem, but we got hit with another. Warm weather. For the past week the temperature has gone above freezing, causing a lot of melting snow.

You may not see that much of a problem, but when we returned home from a weekend out of town we found water leaking into our kitchen. The culprit was melting snow from the roof above with the water finding a way to the ceiling. So the next day I hauled out our aluminum later and jammed the base into the three feet of snow on the ground. The ladder had a rather annoying habit of sinking deeper into the snow as I climbed it. Once on the roof I started tossing snow again, coincidently onto my neighbour’s yard. With our roof clear of snow the water leak stopped, though obviously sometime I will have to find out exactly where the water found its way in. That will happen soon. My wife insists upon it.  

My writing is slow- I’m just plodding along  right now- but I have a few recommendations of books I reading. One is Voidfarer by Sean McMullen. It’s a very good read. I have also looked at Herbert Grosshans latest book, the link is He’s just a very good writer of science fiction. Mila Ramos writes romance/paranormal stuff. You can check her website at Finally a friend of mine has released an erotic tale, but it really is just plain funny. Be Careful What you Wish For is reviewed at

Okay, I hope those stories will keep you busy until my next release. I promise to write a story before all the snow melts.

Cheers 🙂


Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

I made it through December. It wasn’t easy. The month is the busiest for those in the liquor industry and I certainlt had to do a lot of tastings (yes, for my customers. Sadly, I hardly had time for a drink for myself). Besides the work, our family also has a lot of birthdays. A grandson, a son, a sister-in-law, my brother (rathe inconsiderate of him to be born on Christmas Eve) and my wife- and one better not ever forget a wife’s birthday. Besides the work, birthdays and Christmas, my dear wife wanted to do bathroom renovations. So I limped into January feeling rather exhausted and quite aware I hadn’t done any writing for sometime.

These excuses of being too busy to write don’t hold water with publishers and I suppose I’m in the black book for not getting any work done. But it’s better for an editor to be mad at me than my wife for not doing the bathroom renovations.  

One of my publishers has changed owners. Midnight Showcase is now Melange Book. If you’re interested in my books there, the link is For those who like free stuff (no, I’m not offering free bottles of wine) I have new free story on my website called Painting Life. The link for that is

Next week I think I will start writing again, probably with a bottle of wine for inspiration.

I hope you all had a great New Year.