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Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

I’m currently reloading software and setting up programs on my laptop. It’s not quite a year old but suffered from a hard drive failure. Dell sent me a new hard drive and it was a simple matter to put the new one in. Then the fun begins with installing software.

A lot of software wants you to add free stuff. For example Yahoo Toolbar is a common feature you can load up. No thank you. Whenever I happen to use Yahoo I feel like I’m at a supermarket checkout with tabloid magazines blaring headlines blaring on who is doing something with somebody else. I don’t care that an actress has a new hairstyle, or that an athletic was caught cheating-again. But Yahoo loves giving useless information as they attempt to turn the Internet into a gossip column. My hard drive failure has also brought forth some free advice from people, such as “You should always back up files.” Great advice. This is along the line of after you slip on an icy walk and you’re told to be careful as you lie painfully on your back. Of course I save my work- to the hard drive. Occasionally I save files to an external hard drive and in this case I haven’t lost a lot of my work, mostly because I haven’t done a lot of work lately. It pays to be lazy. 

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Thank you to those who take the time to read my writings and especially to those who buy my books (hey, I have to pay for a new hard drive somehow). Like many authors I appreciate your comments about my writing. So for all the authors out there, may I suggest you send one of your favourite writers a short message. It’ll make their Christmas a bit merrier, even without the eggnog.

Warm wishesJack 

new drink

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

I’m trying to think of a new name for a drink. A cider I represent in my portfolio when combined with a spirit makes a great drink. Details: Rochdale Ginger-lime cider mixed with dark spiced rum. So what should I call it? Ginger’s dark secret? Happy poison? Spicy secret? As you can tell I’m not very good at making up new names for drinks.

Okay, if someone cuts me off in traffic I can rapidly think of several new names to give the imbecile. But blind moron is not a good name for a drink. Neither is your mother should have had an abortion. But I need to think of a name that makes one smile and think good thoughts. Please send me your suggestions and I’ll buy you a drink next Thursday at the Beerhunter (or any bar in my driving area).

Story titles is a different matter. I can think of lots on names there. The Naked Scorpion. Bound and Tied to Honour. A Witches’ Fashion Show. The plot is a different matter but, trust me, I can work that out. I have made a story out of one sentence (please see future Pulitzer Prizes for examples) that turned into a book. Hey, I’m good. What should I say except that I’m still want to win some sort of award?

 Back to liquor and drinks- a subject I’m more familiar with. I do have a lot of fun with meeting with people and sampling drinks certainly is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon (or morning in some cases). I was in the town of Tofield and spent half an hour talking to the owner about anthropology. It’s amazing how a good Pinot Noir can make conversation easier, even one about ancient people. I wonder what they drank and if they had any good names for drinks.