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Grande Prairie

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I had an opportunity to drive up to the city of Grande Prairie for business. It’s a bit strange to drive hundreds of kilometres without seeing much but farm land, small towns, roads and suddenly a city pops out of nowhere. Might make for a good mystery movie- The City in the Middle of Nowhere. (Starring Angelina Jolie
 and Johnny Depp so tickets will sell).

Grande Prairie itself is a nice city- clean, new and with friendly people. They like to drink too, which is good for my business of selling wine. I suppose the drinking makes up for the fact they can never leave town, unless they have 100 gallons of fuel in their vehicle to start with. I did get to see the sights of the town, some parts several times. I got lost. The problem was not me, of course. Rather it was the map they gave out at the hotel. On a single sheet of paper they squeezed in the whole city with the four hundred streets, avenues, roads, drives and crescents with the numbers and names carefully written along. The problem was the lettering was only one hundredths of an inch high. No matter how I held the map I couldn’t even determine which side was up. Next time I go to Grande Prairie I’m going to bring a large magnifying glass- to the beat the idiot who made the map. 

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