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dragon boat festival

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

I went to the Banff Dragon Boat festival last weekend, and had a lot of fun. Going to the mountains is always a good experience and the fresh air is great. The team I travelled with, the Edmonton River Rats, had some good races as well. I didn’t paddle myself, but was one of the MCs, calling out the races and their results. I never had the experience of doing much speaking into a microphone but it turned out to be fun. It’s pretty rare I get to talk without someone interrupting me so I got excited doing my monologue.

Of course we all shared accommodations, two bathrooms and eight people. The fridge couldn’t hold any food with all the beer stuffed inside. Fortunately with all the hungry paddlers the food never lasted long enough to need refrigeration. But the beer was cold!

There was also a hot tub and it became the social centre for a few paddlers. Booze, hot water, late nights and then get up early to race. Some people suffer a lot for their sport. Not me- it doesn`t take much energy to talk about races and I made sure I had a good chair to sit on.

I`m doing a book signing at West Edmonton Mall Chapters on Saturday at noon. Please drop by and say hello. No obligation to buy a book (as long as my tears don`t effect you), and I`ll be happy to meet you.

Sorry about the delay since my last blog. My other job, importing wine from New Zealand, has kept me from doing much else. However, I think I can get back into the writing again now that a crisis has been taken care of (The shipper didn`t know how to transport wine. Maybe now I won`t know how to pay them).

I promise another blog soon. Maybe even a contest for a free book if I can think of some skill testing question to give you.

Gotta go- time for a glass of pinot.