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Christmas in July

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

There always deadlines for submitting a story, all according to the needs of a publisher. One of the deadlines coming up are stories about Christmas. It takes months for a publisher to review stories, edit them and then format them. At least that what they claim. Maybe they can do all that in an hour.

But assuming they do need that time I’m busy writing Christmas stories. I’m writing a couple and I’ll pick one to send in. Currently I’m doing one story that is set on Mars- I do like science fiction. There are a couple of details to work out, like how to make Mars a livable environment. Celebrating Christmas in spacesuits takes away the fun stuff like eating turkey, drinking and maybe stealing a kiss. I guess they could still open gifts but how does one try on that that new shirt?

So now I’m stuck with the difficult task of terra-forming Mars. The things a writer has to do enjoy Christmas.

I did a book signing at Chapters in Terra Losa a couple of weeks ago. Thank you to all those who came by and it was nice to meet you. I will be doing another book signing at West Edmonton Mall in August and I’ll give more details on that later.

I did some changes to my website a couple of weeks ago, mostly fixing links and format. I feel like running a contest, but not sure yet what to do about asking a skill testing question. Maybe something about Mars- like how do you make a Christmas tree grow there?

Merry July everyone

Jack H Wear