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Sunday, September 13th, 2009

There are two things I dread after writing a story and then preparing it for submission. One is the synopsis, where you have tell your whole novel down to one page. You’re not suppose to leave out any important details and not hide how the story ends. It’s kind of like the book reports you had to do in school, only you have to make the synopsis interesting, at least if you want to sell the book. It’s tough reducing your hard work, maybe 100,000 words down to a single page. It also makes you wonder what the other 98, 178 words were for.

The synopsis pales in comparison to the blurb. The novel now shrinks to 50 words and has to entice the reader to want to read the whole book. I’d rather write a book report than do a blurb, but there is no escape from it. Here is the blurb I did for Castle- The Return to Domum:

When Lord Troy Sussex buys a recovered gem with unique powers, he believes it will free him from the spell that confines him to his castle. But the strange power the gem possesses has an unexpected result, and the fate of Domum rests with a thief, a sex slave and a warlock in exile. 

The blurb works in as far as it tells what the story is about, but I felt it left too much out. For example Lord Troy Sussex is confined to his castle because he evoked a youth spell on himself that only worked as long as he stayed within the property of his castle (he should have read the instruction manual better). The thief is Gilbert, the scoundrel who sold him the gem in the first place. The sex slave is, well, a sex slave but the warlock is Council Madoc. Madoc lives on Earth, doing magic shows to pass the time away until he allowed to return to Domum. Think of him as a David Copperfield who performs real magic.

So my blurb falls short on the details I really wanted to say, but on the other hand, I managed to do the whole plot in about fifty words. When, and if, you read the book, let me know if you can think of better way of describing the story in fifty words.



Magic words

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I have had my share of writing paranormal stories and ones that include the use of magic. I often run into the problem of trying to make the magic scientifically feasible, or at least sound that it could happen. Not all writers worry about such details of course. They write about events I have trouble believing could happen.

For example, the old werewolf movies where there is a full moon in the sky- four nights in a row. or the vampire that changes into a bat. What happens to the conservation of energy and mass? Where does 170 pounds of mass diappear to? I don’t lay wake late at night worrying about such things, but those details bothers me.

Thus when I wrote a story of a woman who changes into a cat, I made it a panther because it has the same weight as an adult woman. In my Castle series when magic is used, there are some consequences. One of the minor ones that characters in the story notice is a small change in air temperature. When a spell is used, it requires energy, and that energy used is extracted from the surrounding air resulting in cooling of the air. 

I have some other quirky rules I follow when using magic, but that’s my problem and I won’t bore the readers with too much details. But thanks to quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle I can make magic work, at least in my own mind.

My book Castle-The Fall to Domum was released last week and the sequel, Castle-The return to Domum, will be released next week. There is a contest on my website. Just read the excerpt and tell me the name of Jon’s first name (Jon is his second name that he uses instead). 

I hope there is magic in your life. Cheers

Jack Wear