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Slugging out the words

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I’m really enjoying summer. Like a lot of people I’m trying to jam as much fun as I can into the few short months of good weather. The problem is that I also have to get some writing done. I’ve noticed that at this time of year there are a lot of interruptions, so my writing is a stop and go process. I have to keep going over what i wrote just a few hours ago to get the feel of the story and then the phone rings, or a neighbour drops by for a beer. I don’t complain being interrupted for a beer.

I’m working the third novel of the Castle series and as the story gets more complex,I have to make sure the characters stay consistent with how they think and act. I also have to change them a bit as their experiences in the first two books affect them. I also have the situation of characters living in a different world than the one they were born in. That will make a character change even more. They will not be able to use accepted behaviour on their home world in their new location and will have to adjust accordingly.

I hope you are enjoying summer so far. I know I am even if I do fall behind on my work. 

Magic words

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Well I managed to update my website to include the new novel Castle. It wasn’t easy trying to remember all the details to change a page on the website and repairing the links that didn’t work according to plan. I suppose the answer to making that job easier is to do it often enough that I don’t have relearn the process each time.

That is something the characters in Castle have to contend with. I don’t mean updating websites, but rather remembering the correct wording for magic. Many humans on Domum have a rudimentary knowledge of magic, not enough to enrich their lives, but more like an awareness of that it exists. Like myself when trying to get the website to work, disasters can happen. For example, one character in Castle is a prisoner in his own property because he used a youth spell wrong. Like changing a website, one wrong line spell disaster. Of course like the computer experts we have, there are experts in magic as well. And like computer programmers trying to improve software, they are constantly working on improving spells. It can that quest for more magic and power can lead to disaster, including the innocent bystanders.

I have a contest that anyone can enter. You do have to read the excerpt for Castle to get the answer, but if you send in your answer via email, you have a chance to win a PDF of Castle, The fall to Domum.