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Book release

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Well it took a while, but my novel “Castle” is ready to go.  There are the last minute edits and cover design details to check, but the book should be ready to this weekend. Castle is actually a three book series, and the next one should be ready in another month or two. Currently I’m writing the third book and I hope to have done before the snow flies. The third book is a bit harder to write, I have to go back occasionally to the first two books to make sure small details are correct.

The Castle series can be considered more fantasy than science fiction in some ways, but I wanted to make everything as scientifically feasible as possible. In my last blog I talked about dragons and how I had to find a way make the dragon’s fire.  I had other situations as well, such as how magic works. I used quantum mechanics as a method to allow spells to work. I also made use of crystals as a way to make magic happen but needed them to be more than just a crystal, otherwise ordinary salt crystals would have magical properties. All in all I felt I managed to keep to science retively intact in writing the Castle series.

 I will talk more about Castle on my next blog and some of the other problems I encountered.

Until then, happy reading

JH Wear